Noosa Accommodation: Pet-Friendly Destinations

Travelling with pets can be tricky. Whether you’ve got a docile feline or a hyperactive dog, there are always challenges when you’ve got your furry friend in the car with you on a long road trip, and then there is always the difficulty of finding pet-friendly accommodation at your destination

To help take some of the weight off your shoulders, we’ve put together a breakdown of the top things you need to consider when travelling with pets. We’ve also outlined some Noosa accommodation that is very pet friendly so you know exactly where to stay on your next Noosa holiday.

Things to think about

If you haven’t travelled with your animal companion very often in the past, there are a few things to consider to make your trip easier for everyone.

Things to pack

You’ll be flat out having fun with your pet, so make sure you pack everything you need in order to avoid making unnecessary trips to the grocery store. If you’re travelling to Noosa from far afield, you’ll need to pack a few extra things to keep your pet comfortable during the trip. A quick breakdown of things we recommend:

  • A big bottle of water and a water bowl for rest stops.
  • Your pet’s toys – you want a good variety of their favourite toys.
  • Your pet’s regular food (you want to avoid too many disruptive changes).
  • Something to keep your pet comfortable during the trip.
  • Your pet’s bedding or blanket.
  • Cleaning gear, because some pets like to get very dirty on holidays.
  • Waste management, whether doggy bags or cat litter (and tray).

Make sure your dog or cat has a collar that clearly identifies you as the owner and provides contact details. Don’t forget to pack your own gear as well!

Plan the trip

If you have a long way to go before you arrive at your destination, make sure you plan ahead. Remember that your pet has needs and may not be as good at communicating them ahead of time as you are. Make sure you have a few stops scheduled along the way where your pet can stretch their legs, relieve themselves and maybe burn off a little pent-up energy in the process. If you’re letting them out for a run make sure you factor in the extra time for that.

We recommend that anyone travelling to Noosa stops every two hours for a break. It’s a great drive in every direction, you’re bound to find somewhere nice to take a 15 minute breather from driving and give your pet a run.


Keeping things clean when you’re travelling with pets can be a big challenge. They shed hair, pick up dirt and may even have an accident or two. You’ll need to be fully prepared to keep not only your pet and your vehicle clean, but also the property that you’re staying at. Simple things like wet wipes (provided they don’t cause an allergic reaction for your pet), plenty of disposable doggy bags and a few spare towels or rags can help make all the difference. You could also consider packing some pet shampoo in case you need to give your pet a full scrub.

Our Top Picks for Pet-Friendly Accommodation in Noosa

Discover here our best picks for Noosa accommodation that is pet friendly.

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